Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Haven't had a custom bear request in a while, and just got this one last week.

I always enjoy the custom requests, and the stories that go with them.

This one didn't come with much of a story, just a USAF camo jacket and a t-shirt, with a request to make a memorial bear.

So, putting two and two together, this is not a bear for a happy occasion and I really wanted to do my best with him.

The buyer did ask that I use the name tag from the jacket somewhere, so since I've done "bibs" before with names, I took the provided t-shirt and used that for the bib, along with the ears and feet.

The back of the bear has his senior airman rank, which looks enough like wings to seem appropriate on the back of a memorial bear.


Jacqui said...

Lovely memorial bear.

Myra said...

Love it!

MrsRum said...

That's a beautiful memorial, his 'wings' are perfect.

Lisa Laree said...

Well done!

patsijean said...

This bear will really be appreciated. I could feel his spirit all the way to Goodlettsville, TN.

Unknown said...

A wonderful bear!