Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New Venues

One of the most difficult parts in building this business is trying to get my work into new venues -- stores, markets, etc.

It's been a good week on several fronts, in that respect.

Locally, I've now expanded into Bucks County at Spunky Candles & Crafts, a cute little shop in downtown Bristol.  They started out as a candle company, but once they found a retail space they realized it would make a more interesting shop if they invited other makers to display their wares alongside, so there I am.

Also, I sent a batch of dresses to upstate New York to my artist friend, Maria Wulf's, open house this weekend.  She and her husband, writer/photographer Jon Katz, do an open house at their Bedlam Farm twice a year, and Maria turns her studio into a gallery space.

You can read about the Open House here.

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Kyle said...

Congrats Karen!