Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sweater season

Not really, but it is in my house.

There's a thrift store down the street from my house.  I've mentioned it before, but it really is one of the best parts about where I live -- it almost makes up for the corner bar, the Penn students and the general annoyance of living just feet from my neighbors.

They do frequent half price sales, and they're where I get most of my sweaters that I turn into mittens, animals and random other goodies.

But it isn't sweater season right now.  Technically.  They get donations all year long, but they don't have the floor space to keep a four-season display out, so most of it goes into storage after it's processed.

Sometimes they get too much, and then they sell bulk bags -- 50 pounds of clothes for $10.  One of the saleswomen suggested a few weeks ago that I ask the manager to have a bag made up for just of  nothing but sweaters.

I didn't know I could do that.  I asked; he said yes; and this morning, as I went past on my way to work (yes, I'm still at the temp job, it's been extended but I'm coping), one of the employees told me I could pick up the bag tonight.

It's a big, clear plastic trash bag with FORTY POUNDS of sweaters.  Almost all of them are wool, quite a few of them have already been accidentally felted for me.  There are even a few cashmere blends.

And all this fuzzy goodness cost me 30 cents per pound, or $12 for the entire bag.

I'll be doing this again, just as soon as I figure out where to stash this load.

Apparently it's sweater season, after all.


Sharon Sews said...

Very Nice!

badmomgoodmom said...

What a great neighborhood shop! I look forward to seeing your creations with the bag contents.

Anonymous said...

You are such a girl after my own heart. I love second hand bargains. My husband calls me cheap, I think I am thrifty. nancy