Sunday, December 27, 2015


Saturday afternoon - I'm not feeling well? Of course I am.
Annie is doing much better, and thanks everyone for their well wishes.

She's still on pain meds and antibiotics, but she doesn't seem to realize there's anything wrong with her.  Which, technically, I guess there isn't anymore.

She had her surgery Tuesday morning, and by Saturday afternoon, she was back out among the other cats, unsupervised.

She's already lost most of the purple surgical adhesive that was used to close the incision -- now that was an interesting thing to find on the pillow -- and though her scar here looks pink and sticky, it's not swollen or red, and she was absolutely fine with me rolling her over to take a look at it.

Lily is up and down.  She responded quickly to Annie's antibiotics (thankfully the vet gave me the supersize bottle), but when she missed a dose yesterday, she started feeling funky again.  Which just proves the point that antibiotics are supposed to be taken for the entire period prescribed, not most of it.  She's back on, and feeling better again today.

Three day incision - not looking bad at all.
Tomorrow and Tuesday I'm doing a little year-end temping, but Mario is home until after the New Year and he can keep an eye on her.  Without supervision, I'm sure that both of them will spend the day upstairs in his office, one on the laptop, one on her cushion on the desk right behind the laptop.  And he says he doesn't spoil her.

The temping is good - what I make there in two days will probably cover December's heating bill (since it's in the 60s here) -- and it will give me a push to want to get back into my workroom come the New Year.

I'm taking a bit of a break right now, just to recover from a very long show season, but I'm getting antsy again.  I woke up on Christmas Eve day in a very cranky mood, and told Mario I didn't even want to make dinner that night, and our Christmas Eve dinner is the one holiday tradition we have.  He was willing to go along with that, but I knew he'd miss it, and in the end I gave in.  Turns out, what I was actually cranky about was not making things for a week or so.  Cooking was enough of an act of creativity to get me in a much better mood, plus at the end of it there was roast duck and potato gratin.  And wine.

Not sure if I'll be checking in here before the end of the month, so if I don't, here's wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year.

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Vicki said...

Happy , healthy New Year to you, Mario and the cats too !