Monday, May 9, 2016

Soccer Bear

Change is good.  My latest custom bear isn't a memorial piece - I was contacted by a mom whose daughter is graduating high school this May, and she wanted a bear made from the daughter's soccer jersey.

It really is that bright.

Originally I thought I'd add in some denim to break up the bright colors, but when I looked at it again, I decided that it should stay as is.

There was enough solid red and solid blue to be able to split the arms and legs.  The body is solid blue on all sides, but that doesn't matter because I appliqued her number on the front and her name, "Lady Lynx," on the back.

The face is my favorite part, because it uses the red and blue chevron lines from the front.  I do love playing with stripes.

This one got finished the same morning as my scheduled run to the post office, so it didn't get a better photo shoot than this.  Looking at my photos now, let's just say it's beyond time that I dusted the mantel in the bedroom.  (I did clean off the bear's feet before I packed it up!)

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