Sunday, June 26, 2016

Quilt Britannia

It seems appropriate to write about my second Beatles quilt a few days after the Brits have (apparently) lost their minds.  Or maybe not.  I guess time will tell.

I saw a news clip with some anonymous British man who said, "What are we gonna do?  We'll get on with it.  We're England; it's what we do."

So, hopefully.

On to the quilt.  This is my second piece for the same customer - I did a similar (but slightly more Beatles/Lennon) quilt for her about a year ago.  This year, not long after Christmas, she contacted me and said she still had more shirts and wanted to do another quilt.  What with one thing and another, it took a while for me to get the shirts from her, and longer to get started.

Thankful for understanding (and local) customers.

I think this quilt turned out better than the first, not just because I've gotten better at doing them, but because of her extra contributions this time.  First time around, I simply used varying colors of denim in between the shirts.  This time she gave me a selection of her own tops that she no longer wore, which she said she had a similar sentimental attachment to.  I like the variety of colors and prints mixed in with the shirts.

In addition to the Beatles and John Lennon (and the particularly cool Lennon artwork and original lyrics in the bottom left), this one also has shirts from four local Philly music festivals, and a Rock the Vote/Censorship is UnAmerican shirt front and center.

One more thing . . . she still has more shirts.  There might be a third quilt in our mutual futures.  She said that even if she can't display them all, they take up far less room on a shelf than a bag full of unworn t-shirts.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable work, and I don't like the Beatles but that quilt is fantastic!!

jennywren said...

I love the Beatles Quilt, what a clever way of reusing the shirts.

As far as we Brits having lost our minds -I think this link might explain why I don't think we have. It's a bit scary right now I must admit but if this was the future I think it was definitely the right decision.

Unknown said...

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