Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Still Here

The roses weren't expecting winter
As of Sunday, craft show season has officially ended.

I'm finishing up a couple of custom orders -- from customers who thankfully understand that ordering on 12/19 does not guarantee delivery by Christmas -- and then I'm going to take a break.

Which, conversely, means I'll probably get back to blogging, because I realized today when I turned on the computer that I haven't actually sat at my desk in the living room for well over a week.  Any Facebook posts or Etsy updates have been done from my phone, or quickly from the desk at my temp job.  Neither of which is how I like to work.

I miss sitting at my desk.  I miss sitting on my couch, next to Mario, with a cat on my lap.  (Probably Annie, who is unexpectedly recovering from a repeat of last year's tumor removal surgery -- it went well, she's almost back to normal, but it was, as these things always are, unexpected).

Right now, all I want for Christmas -- or for any holiday, for that matter -- is the uninterrupted time to go in and reorganize my workroom, which looks like a hurricane, a tornado and a tsunami all hit it at once.  Busy is good; busy and throwing everything to one side to get to the next project, not so good.

Happy whatever-holiday-you-celebrate to you all, and I hope to be back here more regularly in the near future.

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