Monday, December 18, 2017

So long, farewell

Grace and Frankie moved out on Thursday of this week.  I haven't had them for too long, but they've been down (non-laying, not earning their keep) due to molt for the last month-plus, which made it easier to come to the decision to find them a new home.

Our new town hasn't legalized chickens (yet), and between the stress of moving the two of us and four cats, plus the added stress of our recent purchase derailment, I decided that moving two fragile creatures in the middle of winter was a fairly dumb idea.

I'll bring the coop with us, and if (when) chickens are legalized in Lansdowne, I'll get a few new girls.  In the meantime, the coop can live in the garage, and we can get settled in without having to worry whether or not the birds are warm enough in their new backyard, if there's more threat of predators, etc.

The girls went to Greensgrow Farm, our local garden supply/farmers market a few blocks away.  They already have a few chickens, and a much larger space than I have, so they were happy to acquire a few new girls and I was happy that Grace and Frankie would get a few friends, a larger world and even more fresh produce (Greensgrow handles a neighborhood CSA, so any scratch-and-dent veggies will go to the chickens).

I'm a little sorry to see them go, but honestly, while I like the products of chicken-keeping (eggs and amazing manure for my garden), I can take or leave the birds themselves.  I don't find them cute or cuddly, and right now, when there are limits on my time and energy, I'm glad to not have to deal with early morning feedings, thawing of frozen water containers, and packing them up to move.

There are a few people in Lansdowne who are interested in getting the town council to legalize chickens. At some point I'll find them, and even if I decide not to get new chickens, I have a potential target audience to offload my coop, and I'll still be happy to help them work toward legalization.

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