Sunday, February 4, 2018

Book Sale, part 2

Round one of the book sale is over, though there are a few leftovers - some not purchased, some purchased by overseas buyers who (intelligently) canceled when we realized the price of shipping.  But there are still more, and here they all are. 

Photos and links are from Amazon, so you can read more about them and see current pricing.  Shipping will be via media mail, and I'll let you know the cost when you claim the book.  Payment via PayPal only, and for your sake, as well as mine, U.S. buyers only.

Contact me via email at karen6790 @ msn . com (without all the spaces) to let me know what books you want.

Pattern Drafting for Dressmaking, Pamela Stringer.  All line drawings.  Very thorough instructions.  Paperback, excellent condition. $20

Couture - The Art of Fine Sewing, Roberta Carr.  Published by Palmer/Pletsch.  Some of the illustrations are dated, but the tips and techniques are eternal.  Paperback.  Minor edge wear to cover.  $7.50

Famous Frocks, Sara Alm & Hannah McDevitt.  Includes 10 patterns.   Excellent condition.  Hardcover. $10.

The Bishop Method of Clothing Construction, Edna Bishop.  Revised edition.  Some edge wear, but good condition overall.  Fabulous resource; I have an extra copy of this that isn't leaving my shelves.  Paperback.  $5

Patternmaking for a Perfect Fit, Stefani Lincecum.  Subtitled "Using the Rub-off Technique to Recreate and Redesign your Favorite Fashions.  Excellent condition, paperback.  SOLD

Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Needlework.  Excellent reference, as good as their guide to sewing, which is what I use for classes.  Hardcover.  Very good condition.  Free with cost of shipping. SOLD

Patternmaking, Dennic Chunman Lo.  (Portfolio Skills - Fashion & Textile).  Brand new.  Looks like a very thorough, well-illustrated text.  Paperback.  $15.

Cool Couture, Kenneth D. King. Excellent condition, signed copy from PatternReview weekend 2010 in Philadelphia.  Paperback.  $7.50

Basics of Fashion Design: Construction, by Anette Fischer. Covers pattern drafting, draping and construction techniques.  Good photos and drawings.  $5

Fashion Designer's Directory of Shape & Style, Simon Travers-Spencer and Zarida Zaman.  Very useful resource, very good condition.  Paperback.  $5 

Classic Tailoring Techniques, a Construction Guide for Men's Wear, Roberto Cabrera.  Excellent tailoring reference, especially for all the interesting structural challenges involved in menswear.  Paperback, like new condition.  SOLD

Secrets of the Couturiers, Frances Kennett.  Very good condition.  Some of the fashions are dated, but others are vintage, and all the techniques and illustrations are solid.  Hardcover.  $5 

African Art in Needlework, Leslie Tillett.  Subtitled "Motifs inspired by African Culture," this book shows a lot of traditional garments/textiles, and then breaks down the motifs so that they can be reworked, not strictly replicated.  An unusual find.  Paperback, some edge wear.

Fine Machine Sewing, Carol Laflin Ahles.  Machine methids to get the look of hand finishing and embellishing.  Paperback.  $7

High Fashion Sewing Secrets from the world's best designers, Claire B. Shaeffer.  A step-by-step guide to sewing stylish seams, buttonholes, pockets, collars, hems & more.  Retired library book, a few stamps and a label on spine, but the book is sound, with only a bit of edge wear.  The styles may be a bit dated, but the information is great.  (It's Claire Shaeffer, after all).  Hardcover.  $7

The Complete Family Sewing Book.  Vintage 1972 ring-bound reference.  Fabulous illustrations, with the best of 1970s fashion.  Solid technical information.  $5

Art Deco Textiles - The French Designers, Alain-Rene Hardy.  A beautiful reference of 1920s-1930s French textiles.  Paperback.  SOLD

Patternmaking for Fashion Design, Helen Joseph Armstrong.  Classic textbook.  1987 edition, dated clothing but fantastic instruction.  Some writing in book, but does not obscure the information.  Definite wear on spine and edges.  Hardcover. SOLD

BiblioCraft: Using Library Resources to Jumpstart Creative Projects, Jessica Pigza.  Excellent condition.  Gorgeous, inspirational book.  It's done its work here, time for it to move along.  Hardcover.  $7

Please, for the love of all the sewing gods, take some of these off my hands.  Email me directly with your shopping list, I'll mark books off as they sell.  

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