Sunday, February 11, 2018

Tiny house

I have to remember, this didn't
always look like this. 
Have you ever going back to your childhood home, and realized it was much smaller than you remembered? How did you live in that tiny space? And why did it seem so much bigger in your memories?

Yesterday we did the final walk-through of the new house prior to going to settlement on Monday. The sellers did a fantastic job of emptying the house. The garage and basement are just empty spaces waiting for us to load them with our stuff. Likewise the other rooms, except for one small detail - they're small.

Honestly, the house isn't that small. It's just under 1200 square feet which is by no means a tiny house, but after 18 years of living in a three-story house with a walk-in attic and a full basement, this feels like something you can tow behind your car.

I think right now, surrounded as we are with boxes and all the furniture in wrong places and all the art off the walls, it seems like an enormous amount of stuff we're trying to cram into a small space. And I probably am being a bit unrealistic about how much will fit, but that's why thrift stores were invented. There's a very nice one just down Baltimore Avenue from the house, and I'm sure I will become even more familiar with them as things don't fit into the jigsaw puzzle I am building.

Soon, this won't look like this either.
I do know, however that once we are in, settled, and everything is put in its proper place, we are going to be very happy here. It's a much better size, it's a far more practical house, it's a lovely community, and it will be good to live in a place that we have chosen together.


SewRuthie said...

I moved from one house to another, same floor area ( smaller than your new place ) but completely different layout. I needed to donate some furniture and acquire some different second hand stuff. It stabilised after about a year. It will be a bit of a puzzle and then it'll be great! Enjoy!!!

Valerie said...

Moving is a pain, just something you have to power through! I wish you much joy and happiness in your new home.

Kris C. said...

Congratulations on your new home! It'll be a new adventure to turn it into your space.

Sue in MN said...

We have two homes, and one is truly a "tiny house" - 396 sq ft - and after 3 years of adjusting furniture and possessions to fit, I actually have empty spaces waiting for the proper items. We have perfected the art of removing something for each addition. It has led me to streamline at our larger - 1200 sq ft - home as well. Now if I can just get my spouse to do the same! Life is actually much simpler this way - and as you say, the thrift store is nearby if I need something!