Monday, May 20, 2019


New bed from the corner of the drive
First, because I guess this is more important, I had my follow up exam with the eye surgeon today. We're a little more than 2.5 weeks out from the surgery, and he was very pleased. More importantly, he was pleased enough to put my next appointment at the end of September, so other than twice-daily eyedrops until I run out, I'm FREE!

Second, almost as important, the front hedge is gone and I'm well on the way to having the garden borders I only dreamed of when we bought Sleeping Beauty's cottage-behind-the-hedge.

It's taken a few weeks, ten yard waste bags and a few trash cans full of debris, but the entire frontage is now clear of hedge, English ivy, and vinca (which I loathe almost as much as ivy for its ability to run everywhere and pop up where I think I've removed it).

I put in some plants that I split off from mine - I love coral bells' ability to increase magically during the season. Between those and hostas and a few lavender from the local garden center, and two Autumn Joy sedum picked up at a yard sale on Saturday, along with a puny hydrangea that I got at Aldi for $4, the beds are furnished and covered in leftover wood chip from the back yard.

The side bed was done last fall and some early spring
Large scale gardening is never a budget-friendly thing, but if you've got a strong back and patience, it gets done on the relative cheap. I figured out that between landscape fabric, raised bed kits, 2 yards of wood chip, 2 yards of mushroom soil/topsoil combination, veggie starts and seeds, and those few new plants for the front border, I've spent just under $500. It's a little ouchy to think about, but the bulk of that expense will never be repeated, and the plants will either give us food or more plants for next year.

So I'm calling it a win.

Obligatory before photo
And yes, I'm tired from all that digging. Mario helped when he got in from work, but since I'm home all day right now, I did the bulk of it because...impatient.

Serves me right.

Bonus tidy back yard status photo


JAG said...

Any advice on how to remove vinca? I have some firmly established in a corner of the yard and insistent on taking over. I find it twenty times harder to remove than ivy, and have just decided that if it can't behave it isn't allowed to stay. So after our retaining wall project, it's time to attack the vinca. All advice appreciated.

JAG said...

Also, doesn't the new garden feel great? Now every evening you can admire it and try and decide if your hosta is a little bit bigger than last night/week. And next spring you get to cheer as each individual plant makes its way back after winter. It's looking great, and I can't wait to see it later this summer as it fills out. Maybe you can take a status picture and update us after your next eye doctor's appointment, for the sake of symmetry.

Karen said...

The vinca is definitely harder going than the ivy. At least the ivy's roots are larger, and you can make sure you get them all. I really had to dig down and just keep sifting for roots, and then keep a close eye for new sprouts and dig them quickly before they have time to settle in. I did pretty good with the side bed, am waiting to see how the front bed behaves. I had less patience this time around.