Friday, September 20, 2019

Coin of the realm

I want you to show you two of my prized possessions. I got these years ago, and they've been hidden away in a box in my dresser ever since, because while they are amazing and cool and I love them, they're all so ancient, fragile, and totally impractical.

The larger coin is from the reign of Elizabeth I, and the smaller one in the badly-fitting coin holder / necklace thing, is from Henry VIII.

I can't believe I own something this old. I like thinking that my characters could have handled these coins. One of these days, when I have the spare cash, I would like to pay a jeweler to make a proper necklace from them, with the kind of holder that allows the coin to float, so it doesn't touch your skin.


Catherine said...

What beautiful coins! My favorite is the Elizabethan with her lovely profile on it.

Karen said...

It really is lovely. I imagine it was kept in someone's pocket for years, maybe rubbed repeatedly as a good luck charm. It's in such beautiful condition, other than her features being worn away.