Monday, November 30, 2020

Blowing my own horn


So, this happened.

I'm still a bit over the moon at Songbird being declared anyone's Book of the Year, but The Coffee Pot Book Club is a seriously good book review blog, and an award from them carries weight in the author and reader community.

It also carries some weight in helping to promote A Wider World when the time comes, because one of the prizes is a blog tour, which can be scheduled for early spring, just before the new book comes out. It will coincide with my publisher dropping the price on Songbird to celebrate the pre-order status of the second book.

2020 is still a year I'd rather not repeat, but this makes a lot of it better.


Cherie said...

Karen, I finally got caught up with blog reading, and enjoyed your posts very much, where writing a book goes, fun things like a better cover, showing your notebooks! But your orange chairs, wow! My husband and I have 2 of those 50s chairs from his parents in that era’s really bad he painted them yellow! Lemon yellow, with white arms. I had 4 of those great resin wicker chairs from the sadly departed Pier 1, and some of their cheery pillows. I ended up getting a compliment from a “manly man” friend who visited my patio, and he said how well yellow works on a patio (Phoenix area), he’d never given it a thought, but thought it a cheery, friendly place. So yes to your orange!
And congrats on the Book Club Award. I have a friend here in Phoenix who’s working on her fourth book, and saw a lot of struggles she went thru; those awards are so very appreciated by writers, it’s a take on the Sally Field Academy Award acceptance speech, “You really like me!”

Karen said...

Cherie, thanks for all your comments - I definitely understand catching up on blogs "in bulk." Writing has been a comfort since I was a kid, but sharing it is still somewhat a nerve-wracking process, but one I'm getting used to.

Those chairs are great. They're a bit rusted, so early next spring they'll be undergoing a refresher, but I found "farm equipment" paint for metal and they're getting a coat of Kubota orange, which is as close to the original color as I can get.