Thursday, December 10, 2020

The other stuff

For the curious, I do still sew, though not as much for myself these days. (My pandemic wardrobe is rather limited).

Craft shows have also been limited this year, as in limited to the ones I've produced on my front patio. In a bastardized version of the words of the Grinch himself, "If I can't find a craft show, I'll make one instead."

I did have one event scheduled, for Thanksgiving weekend here in town. They'd put so much work into it,  cutting the number of vendors by half, organizing it so that everyone had 8' of space between their tables, having mask checks and sanitizer stations at the doors, Ikea arrows on the floor so that customers could only travel in one direction...and then the virus numbers for Pennsylvania spiked again, and it was canceled.

Logical, yes. The right thing to do, also yes. A freaking shame, because we all want to get out and pretend to be normal? Yes yes yes.

So I made a Facebook event and invited all my local friends and neighbors to show up on the patio on that same weekend - properly masked and distanced, of course.

Everything was set out on tables for people to paw through. It wasn't as profitable as an indoor show would have been, but it was still good to get out and talk to people again, and I didn't get frostbitten because we have a glass front door and I spent my un-customered time on the couch, finishing Etsy products for shipment. I love a good multi-task.

I also did some writing in between, because of this pesky end-of-year deadline that I agreed to. Which will be met, somehow or other. Good thing I've only promised a "readable first draft" at that point.

Readable, it will be. Can't guarantee much else.

So this was the new normal of my holiday selling season. What about you? Did you get to do any in-person shopping? All online? What do you want to find in your stocking this year, other than sanitizer and masks?



bbarna said...

What a great idea. We have snow and minus temps, so I will wait until spring for a garage sale of sorts. I did my usual bit of sewing for the grandkids. Night gowns for the granddaughters and bib overalls with t shirts for the twin grandsons. All fabric donated from my sisters stash and made with ancient Kwik sew patterns. I also did some high tech knit boxers for my son as this is his annual request. One day I will make floppy ear bunnies for my granddaughters as I did for their mom. I pick up bits and pieces as I do my shopping. Costco has been great for covid protocol, so I get everyone socks there...the year I didn't there was hell to pay. I usually do a bit of a hamper with a calendar, chocolates and homemade baking and preserves as well. Almost done.
I am so wanting to read your book(s) . The library has been hit and miss and we are on a bit of a retiree budget, but I will get there. I am so pleased you have been able to make a go as an author. Take care, stay safe and Merry Christmas!!

JustGail said...

It's good that the DIY craft show worked, I bet your customers were just as glad to get to it as well. No craft shows, no quilt shows for me this year. Not much shopping in general either. My gift shopping will be gift cards for DS & DH, which is what I've been doing the last couple of years anyway. I've found it works so much better for all concerned to let them do their own shopping instead of disappointment, returns & exchanges, or items sitting around unused.