Tuesday, March 22, 2022

How to support an indie author #842

If you're interested in paperback copies of my books and would prefer not to purchase through Amazon or other online retailers, please leave a comment here or use the contact form on this page.

I'm happy to support my local independent bookstores, but it's difficult to get them to stock books by indie writers because we can't afford to give the wholesale discount that a large traditional publisher can. 

As an example, I just changed the discount percentage for my paperbacks because my cut of a $15.99 paperback was... $0.80. 

All the rest was split between the bookstore, the printer, and shipping costs - not to mention that bookstores prefer to be able to return unsold books, which will then either be destroyed or returned to the author. For an additional cost.

I don't expect to get rich from writing, but I'd like to buy the occasional cup of coffee. Am I wrong?

Paperbacks are $14.99 (same as Amazon, but which include a bookmark, a signature, and shipping). Ebooks of all three titles are also available for $4.99 each. I can walk you through how to download them onto your Kindle or other device. Discounts available for purchases of two or more books.

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