Friday, March 11, 2022

Help Wanted (Needed?)

Apparently I can write, but when it comes to graphic design, I'm a bit challenged.

Decision-making regarding graphic design, even more so.

I use photographs of ceilings for my book covers, and within the next few months, I'll be combining Songbird, A Wider World and Lady, in Waiting into an e-book box set. (Not doing a paperback because it would cost a bomb and come in at over a thousand pages, and no one has the hands for that).

These are my top contenders for the new cover. Each one has their merits - and none of them are connected to the stories. In the cases of Songbird and A Wider World, the ceilings are actually from buildings (Hampton Court and a destroyed monastery) that are locations in the books; for Lady, in Waiting I chose a ceiling that meshed with the story - Margaery's home of Winterset, and the painted ceiling she envisions for the hall.

I don't have that requirement for the box set cover. It just needs to look period appropriate, which all these are, and work with the font used on the covers, which they will. 


Which one is your favorite? Help a graphically-challenged author out. Please.


Anonymous said...

Use A. The blue is appealing, the design isn't too busy for your text.

Anonymous said...

I like A.

Anonymous said...

Same here: A. It has the best contrast and likely looks best when scaled down for a thumbnail image.

Unknown said...

Yep. I concur. It's "A" all the way.

Karen said...

Well, that was nicely unanimous. Thank you!