Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Up the creek, no paddles necessary


One of the many benefits of living where we do is access to nature. I found green spaces when we lived in West Philly - I spent a lot of time in Woodland Cemetery - but out here, there are more options, even closer to home.

This past week or so has been unbearably hot. It's been pretty much the same everywhere, so I'm only complaining so much, and it's our choice that we don't have AC (except in my husband's office, which faces west and gets all the afternoon sun). 

When my blood begins to simmer and working at home becomes difficult, I head down the street, along a cut-through maintained by the borough, down a slope occupied equally by poison ivy and foxes, and end up at a small branch of Darby Creek, which is usually deserted during the day. 

I take off my shoes, climb out to a big rock in the middle of the creek, and plant myself with my phone or my Kindle, and stay until the mosquitoes discover my presence. I actually managed to get a lot written - dictated - the other day, so I was still working, just remotely. It takes my temperature down by at least ten degrees, and unless I take the long way home, I'm still cool when I get in.

Summer has never been my favorite season. I think it gets sold to us as something wonderful when we're kids, because we're off school and fun things happen then, but I was always the weird kid who got excited for September, and school supplies. My heart still beats faster when I see notebooks.

What about you? Are you keeping cool in this heat wave, or are you lucky enough to be someplace where it isn't swamplike?

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