Tuesday, August 2, 2022

July Roundup

Well, this was a fun one. Lots got done, and I even remembered to keep track of most of it.

I formatted and uploaded the ebook files for The Tudor Court omnibus, which I hadn't planned to do so soon.

I started recording the audiobook for Lady, in Waiting. Very slowly, as I wasn't sure at first that it would work, but I'm feeling more positive with a bit more practice. It'll be slow going, though - a chapter, then editing, then uploading. Rinse and repeat. I'm fitting it in between other tasks.

Advance reviews for Coming Apart are coming in - the book will be available for pre-order on August 18, although it's already uploaded and ready to go. I would just pull the trigger early, but I've got a plan here, and I'm trying to stick to it.

Work is going well on the sequel. I'm at about 50k words on Coming Closer, which is nearly the halfway point for a draft for me. I tend to run out of words at about 120k, then edit it down to something a little leaner. 

I also took a course this month on Amazon advertising. Now that I have three books listed, there are more organic sales than there were with just one or two, but advertising is a good thing, done right. I had already had some luck with an automatic ad (Amazon choosing who sees it) in the UK, but my US ads weren't working. This helped, so now I'm just waiting to see how it goes.

By this time next month, I'll be celebrating the launch of Coming Apart's pre-order, and I'll hopefully have some other news.

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Anonymous said...

Exciting way to finish the summer - a pre-order and already working on a sequel. So happy for you - Christine