Wednesday, January 4, 2023

2022 Roundup

My word for 2022 was "push," partly to make up for what I felt was the sluggish pace of my former publishing journey, and partly, well, to push myself into actually doing all the things on my list.

How did I do? You tell me.

  • Published Lady, in Waiting in February.
  • Re-released Songbird's audiobook, finished edits for A Wider World's audiobook and learned to master audio so I could get that one up as well.
  • Finished writing and editing Coming Apart.
  • Formatted and released omnibus edition of the first Tudor Court trilogy in August.
  • Wrote a prequel novella for Coming Apart which was released as a newsletter exclusive. Haven't read it? Sign up here
  • Released Coming Apart in October.
  • Wrote a novella (Princess of Spain) which was included in the Alternate Endings anthology, released in November.
  • Six podcast guest appearances to talk about Coming Apart and historical fiction / writing generally. 
  • Two in-person visits with writer friends, which were hugely inspiring for all concerned.
  • Participated in a Zoom writing group (monthly until we fell off, but still keeping up by email) and a weekly writing salon on Twitter. Talking to other writers feeds the best, y'all.
  • Writing the first draft of Coming Closer, which is the second book in the Ava & Claire series. It's done, it's resting, and I'll start in on edits in a week or so. Release is scheduled for April 18, 2023, so I'd better get on it...
Still thinking about my word for 2023, even though it's 2023. I can't repeat push, I might injure myself.

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