Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January: Month End Review

Wow, how did it get to be February already? I think I've just lost track of time, buried here in the snow and the slush and the ice.

Don't get me started on the ice. I'm not among the most graceful of women to begin with, but this morning I was involved in a Busby Berkley/Keystone Kops on ice routine. Walking to the train, the sidewalks of the last block were flooded due to blocked sewers, so we began walking in the street. There were 4 of us, walking in a line, because there was also traffic on the street.

The woman in front hit a slick patch and went down, flat on her back. The second man, behind her, went to assist and he went down. I was third, and I stepped further out into the street to avoid the ice and hit . . . more ice. And the the ground. Person 4 nearly fell on me trying to help me up, and the transit cop who watched this insanity from the train station came out to assist, and he went down too.

Is it less embarrassing when you make an ass of yourself in a group? I don't feel that way, and at this point I'm just thankful that it's too cold to wear anything that might show the Hawaiian sunset of a bruise I have coming up on my left hip. Really impressive.

Back to the sewing. It's been a month of very disparate projects, from my boss's drinking shirt to a sleep sack for my friends' baby to an appliqued tshirt to sweaters to spring tops. A little of everything. Totals for the month were 7 projects, 11.5 yards. Definitely more fabric out than in. (Still holding on my resolve not to buy fabric before PR Chicago, but it's not easy, even with a stash like mine).

So here are the projects: 2 KwikSew 3470 sweaters (both worn twice already), a blouse from January 2011 Burda (and many groveling thanks to Elizabeth for lending me the issue until I could re-up my subscription), the drinking shirt is KwikSew 2935, a different men's shirt than I generally use and one much more appropriate for casual wear. The baby bag is a combination Burda/Frankenpattern. The appliqued tshirt is an Old Navy RTW tshirt that I decided to play with because I got inspired by the new (to me) Natalie Chanin Alabama Studio Style.

Despite feeling like I got almost no sewing done this month because of the wedding and all the lead-up to it, apparently I did manage to find some time to escape to my happy place.

More of that later this week - I'm taking a half personal day on Friday because the plumber is coming out to do some scheduled work, and he won't take the whole afternoon, or at least I hope not. We decided to treat ourselves to a functioning downstairs toilet with some of our wedding money; it seemed like a good use of the cash and because we're going to be hosting Easter dinner this year, it will be nice to have the powder room usable because some people can't do stairs.


NancyDaQ said...

A new toilet isn't the most glam thing to spend gift money on, but you'll appreciate it so much when you don't have to run upstairs!

I really like the new sweater.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

So did you all have to just slide yourselves along the ice to the station? I fell down on ice once, went flat on my back like in a cartoon. Luckily, I was wearing a backpack and it took all the impact. I didn't carry my lunch in a glass bowl then. Eep! I guess that is one downside of my switch to glass!

I feel you on the not-buying. Even with a huge stash, it is hard. Impressive month! Love that Spring blouse.

Elaray said...

Don't you just love Philadelphia winters! I'm trying to focus on Chicago in May. Chicago in May. Chicago in May. Chicago in May..............

SEWN said...

THanks for the grovel! ;) I love that cowl neck. Hope you're not too achy tonight after the fall.

Sarah Jacobs said...

I have the same sweater knit you made the cowl out of. isn't it beautiful???I made a cardi out if it.