Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Gift finds its Home

Remember back in October, when I went to the homesteading workshop in NY?  

Well, one of the stockings I made this season got sent to Jenna, the ambitious, hard-working and hard-headed young writer and farmer who hosted us.  

She wrote a post on her blog, Cold Antler Farm, thanking her readers for their cards and gifts, and posted a photo of my stocking. Please check out her post to see Maude, her grumpy sheep who inspired the sheep on the stocking.  


shams said...

That is adorable!!

gMarie said...

Super Cute! Love that stocking and Maude's expression is even better. g

Unknown said...

That post on Jenna's blog, the stocking, and Maude's reaction made me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing.

Now I'm going to explore your blog.

Kyle said...

I agree, that is adorable!! Also loved Maude's reaction!!
Merry Christmas Karen!

Cathy said...

LOVE the stocking! That is so Maude. lol