Tuesday, July 30, 2013

And then the rains came

So, Bang!Boom!Craft! started out well, but by mid-afternoon (3:30 or so), it turned into Bang!Boom!Thunder! and the skies opened.  Not a nice, gentle rain, but a pounding monsoon that produced so much water so quickly that the storm drains couldn't handle it.  I was literally in water up to my ankles as we speedily broke down and packed up our tables.

Before the rains came, things were pretty good -- it was a nice enough day, warm and overcast, so no craft show sunburn for me this time.  Every once in a while it would sprinkle, but no one seemed to mind.  The little park at Passyunk and Tasker was surrounded by tents on all sides; the crowd was interested; there were antique and vintage cars parked down Passyunk for 2 blocks; and there was a rumor of a pen of baby pot-bellied pigs, but I didn't see them. 

Sales were okay, not the best I've seen but a lot of attention and plenty of business cards being taken.  Fingers and toes are crossed for the holiday season.  

Much interest was shown in my newest pieces, soft "knit critters" for babies who are too tiny for the bigger, articulated bears with button eyes. They got some pretty rough handling (and survived it) and a few sold.  I'll put the rest up on Etsy later today.

I had a fun and talented partner for the day -- Jennifer Sweda of Jerica's Jewelry (Etsy shop here), who makes lovely and fun pieces.  I've worked with her before at the local holiday craft show, and I have a few pieces of her jewelry.  She had a few pair of "retro" earrings with mini tape cassettes and TVs with test patterns that made everyone smile.  I also have to give Jen kudos for patience and good humor when the rains came, and special thanks for standing her ground with the tent while we took the first load of stuff back home, dropped it off and came back for her.  (Packing in reverse doesn't work; the tent has to go in first for it all to successfully fit in the Subaru.)

Next show is September 7th; here's hoping there's better weather!

Edited to add: I just found out that Sunday's rain actually set a City record for the most rain in a one day period since they started keeping records in 1872!  Especially impressive considering it didn't start until around 3:45 p.m.

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