Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Knit Critters

So, a safer stuffed animal.  It took a little while, because most of my ideas grow in complexity as they evolve, and this one had to go in reverse.  Simple shape, no moving parts, nothing small that could be pulled off.  Soft, squishy, friendly-feeling.  Washable -- very important.

As I've said before, I've become the way station between several friends and the thrift store, and a good friend recently called and asked if I wanted to go through her things before she donated.  One of the many pieces I came home with that day was a long, clingy dress in gray sweater knit.  It sounds a little strange, but I'm sure it looked fabulous on her.  On me, I'd have looked pretty much like what I turned that gray dress into -- a knit critter.

Critters are 7" high, 10" in total length, 6" across.  Poly/rayon sweater knit, stuffed with new polyfill stuffing.  Eyes and noses are made from felt, fused on.  Okay, the ears are separate and sewed on, but I did them by hand and I think the head would separate from the body before a baby could get those ears off.  Ribbon collars are made from my own childhood hair ribbons.  Please don't ask how or why I still had them; I can't answer that myself.  I think it goes along with the "can't get rid of anything" problem.

Anyways, Knit Critters.  Soon to be available in more colors as I unearth the others sweaters I had tucked away.  I figure I'll do them in both wool and non-wool fabrics because of wool sensitivities in both babies and their parents.

Available here.

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