Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Audiobook Giveaway!


Something new and different for you - Spotify is no longer just a place where you can listen to music or podcasts. They've expanded into audiobooks!

And because my audiobooks are wide - sold on more retail platforms than just Audible - they were automatically loaded onto Spotify for your listening pleasure.

Now here's the fun part. I've got 20 free codes for each book to give away. If you're interested in either (or both), please comment here with your email, or, if you're not comfortable with leaving your email address in public (understandable), then email me at karen @ karenheenan (dot) com and let me know which book you want. 

Whether or not you can have both will depend on the number of responses I receive. Just know that both books are well voiced - two extremely talented actors with whom I've worked for years - and even though independently done, the books passed Audible's stringent controls before being uploaded. (I may not want to sell exclusively through them, but their quality control is the bomb, and I use them as a filter before I upload anywhere else).


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
Do you still have book codes available? I have a couple of friends that I believe would appreciate your style.


Karen said...

Hi Jill - I do have a few codes left. Sorry for the delay, your comment ended up in spam for some reason. If you email me at karen @ karenheenan . com (spaces removed, obviously), I will send them to you.