Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday with Friends : UpCDooz

Friday with Friends returns with a feature in the realm of fabric:  the team of Camille and Susan Thornton, upcyclers extraordinare and the talented hands behind the Etsy shop UpCDooz.

The UpCDooz shop is a member of the Upcycled Clothing 'N Things and RecycleParty teams, both of which provide me with frequent support and inspiration.

While my upcycling tends toward taking things completely apart and remaking the fabrics into something else, Camille and Susan often take an existing item and upcycle it into something better than it was before, which is, I believe, the true definition of that slightly annoying word anyway.  (Upcycling: it sounds a little twee sometimes, but people think of recycling as something you put out on the sidewalk with the trash, so I'll use the twee word.  I'm even getting used to it).

Their Etsy shop is full of fun pieces, but some of my favorites are their custom dresses, one of which I've pictured here.  This particular piece is no longer available, but you could get them to make up something similar, or check out the shop for some fun accessories and women's pieces as well.

Their shop slogan is:  "Altered upcycled clothing for the artfully dressed woman."

I think that pretty well covers it, don't you?

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